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Third-Party Patching: You DO need these stinkin’ patches

All software requires updates, released by the manufacturer to remain compatible with other software, implement bug fixes, and deploy security updates against viruses and malware. Regardless of your industry, it is essential to manage third-party patching to close vulnerabilities and protect your network.

Your software is what runs your business, so why would you leave it open to the vulnerabilities?

 A regularly scheduled patch delivery process for Microsoft and third-party software is recommended to stay on the latest manufacturer version.

As a business owner, you have existing commitments to your clients to provide services and secure their information. Companies that do not safeguard their client’s data can lose more than sales in the event of a breach. They lose credibility, brand recognition and most of all, they lose trust.

In December 2013, 40 million Target credit cards were compromised by accessing data on point of sale (POS) systems.

In the Target Breach Case Study, software patching was identified as a critical control that would have ensured the “software was up to date with known vulnerabilities patched.”

According to the Target Breach Case Study, as a result of the breach, “more than 140 lawsuits have been filed against Target” (Webb, 2014). “Banks sued Target’s PCI compliance auditor, Trustwave” (Schwartz M. J., 2014). “Target is dealing with investigations involving the Department of Justice (Hosenball, 2014), the FTC (Risen, 2014) and SEC” (Michaels, 2014). “Individual state laws may result in fines and legal proceedings over and above PCI compliance fines.”

Profits for Target dropped 46% during the final quarter of 2013.

In order to ensure your network is properly patched, schedule all third-party patch definitions to be deployed following best practices, with automatic downloads ensuring you always patch to the latest version. When the integrity of the infrastructure is patched for reliable and secure operations, you can fulfill your commitments safely.  

Gearing up for a software update in the new year? Internet Contrasts can help ensure your business is ready for smooth operations.  

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