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Alcatel-Lucent’s switches enabled Morgan’s Wonderland to achieve this comprehensive coverage while keeping both construction and operating costs down and delivering excellent network fault-tolerance, by allowing Internet Contrasts to install an Ethernet ring protection network rather than traditional hub-and-spoke cabling, based on a ring of twelve strands of fiber laid around the park.

“We sought bids for the fiber install for both traditional hub-and-spoke and Ethernet ring protection topologies. The hub-andspoke configuration would have cost $750,000 compared with around $200,000 for the Ethernet ring protection configuration,” Zumwalt says. “We were able to save half a million dollars just in fiber and labor by using Alcatel-Lucent switches. “Making use of Ethernet ring protection has also allowed Internet Contrasts to create a fault-tolerant network that delivers excellent uptime. “If the park suffers a cut in its fiber line or a switch needs to be taken down for maintenance, the park’s data and voice traffic still flows around the other side of the ring,” Zumwalt explains. “The systems suffer no packet loss and there’s no interruption of service to end users. All the phones, alarm systems,lighting controls, park exhibits, cameras: everything stays up without any degradation of service.”


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