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Delivering uninterrupted wireless coverage throughout a 25-acre park wasn’t easy, but it’s necessary to help keep the guests at Morgan’s Wonderland safe. The San Antonio, Texas, theme park, which just kicked off its second season, hosts thousands of special-needs children, adults and their families. Each guest wears an RFID wristband that not only tracks their location in the park but also links to critical personal information, such as medical conditions and allergies.

“Throughout the park there are RFID readers that are positioned to provide an in-house GPS,” says Brandon Zumwalt, president of Internet Contrasts, a systems integrator that partnered with Morgan’s Wonderland to design and build the park’s IT infrastructure. Visitors can scan their wristbands at one of the park’s five kiosks and find out where a missing member of their party is, for instance, or locate a particular exhibit, or leave messages for people in their group.

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